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50PCS Ellips Hair Vitamin Keratin Complex Oil Smooth Silky Hair Mask Repair Damaged Hair Serum Moroccan Oil Anti Hair Loss Agent

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  • Brand Name: bingfuchun
  • Production License: 20160503
  • Item Type: Hair Loss Product
  • Ingredient: Vitamin Oil
  • Quantity: 50PCS=1Bottle
  • NET WT: 1ml*50
  • Model Number: Ellips Hair Vitamin Oil

Content amount     50 capsules
Product description     The scent of honey and carrot. To the hair. Split ends and hair breakage nourish silk hair healthy. Formulated with ginseng and moisturizing. Will turned into soft vitality health, smooth hair, became fragile and damaged hair (split ends), dry, and dry hair.
How to use     After wiping with a towel the hair after shampooing, nejikiri capsule, picked up this product, apply to the whole hair. (洗i流shimasenn) * after the heated dryer in hard capsules at the scissors please. For capsule with gelatin, cold and hard hot hot and easy to melt.

Raw materials     Cyclopentasiloxane, cyclotetrasiloxane, dimethyconol, cyclohexaciloxan, phenyl trimethicone, TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, soybean oil, palmitate, palmitate, fragrances, mineral oil, ginseng root oil, honey, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, pantenylethyl, alganiaspinosa kernel oil

Precautions on use     -Discontinue use when your skin cosmetics. Also, if being used, after using the redness, swelling, itching, irritation or any other in College dermatologist please consult. You may aggravate the symptoms and if you continue to use.

-Your site have eczema scars and swelling to please do not.
-After each use, always close lid.
-You may have the parts and move out. Please have the body when moving.
-Extreme high temperature, do not keep them in the location of the low temperature and direct sunlight.

● keep out of children's reach.
-Transport on the carton and the container of little scratches, stains, etc., please.
-Shipping situation can cause some scratches may note that please.
-May differ from picture due to reasons such as renewal package.
Our frequently asked questions     
Q, hair vitamin, why not hair?: we in hair treatment for hair vitamin is associated with drugs.
Q, and does not open. ⇒ is ellipse capsule made of gelatin. Temperatures drop and the harder. In the heat of the dryer hot or warm up in the Palm. Can be neji切ru easily become softer in the heat. Please use the scissors when opening.
Please tell me
Q, ellipse hair retention method. ⇒ Please store ellipse hair treatments. Can melt at high temperatures.
Q, low temperature and high temperature becomes easier to solve. Please refrain from saving in the bathroom. High temperature and high humidity to be stick capsule together with the product is fine.
Please tell me
Q, and product usage. ⇒ This is Nov. After Shampoo and conditioner, 拭取rimasu dry with a towel. Contents of the product have blended into the hair. And when was it can turn by hand a warm dryer in capsules become softer in easy to open will be. If you still use your shears.

How to use
1 tablet is sufficient even for long hair, the pain is very intense, please use your
2 grain and lots of hair.

How to save     
Keep in a cool and dry place, avoiding high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight. After opening as much as possible as soon as possible please use.


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