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5PCS 3D Mouth Mask Support Disposable Bracket Breathing Assist Help Bracket Holders

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  • Brand Name: GJCUTE
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: kids and adult
  • Model Number: 3D Mouth Mask Support

Avoid mouth and nose contact masks: the surface of disposable masks is easy to absorb all kinds of pollutants.
3D three-dimensional ventilation: The three-dimensional ventilation design gives more space for breathing and avoids the problems such as stuffiness and allergies caused by masks and close contact.
Ergonomic design: 3D three-dimensional support, designed according to the curve of human face, strong fit and can reserve more breathing space
Suitable for different face shapes: thanks to ergonomic design, it can meet different face shapes, and can be used by men, women and children
Wear securely without slipping: The mask holder is tailored for disposable masks, with a buckle, which can be hung firmly in the disposable mask without worrying about slipping
Washable and reusable, easy to clean and support washing, can be recycled


Name: Inner cushion bracket
Material: PP
Function: Support the disposable mask, make the mask more breathable without sticking to the mouth and nose, safe and dustproof, and not stain lipstick

Instructions for use:
1. Align the hanger of the bracket with the fold in the disposable mask
2. Insert the mask at the crease and fix it
3. Stretching disposable masks
4. Normally wear a mask

Package Included: 5 * mask bracket



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