about this product Easy to wear and take off. Time saving for caregivers. Convenient for special care, such as hospital examinat

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about this product

Easy to wear and take off. Time saving for caregivers.
Convenient for special care, such as hospital examination, infusion, intubation.
Suitable for fracture, acupuncture and other patients.
suited for men adults, elderly people,paralysis patient,Beauty salon use.

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product presentation

product background] Long-term bedridden patients, fracture patients, patients who are not convenient to wear clothes after surgery or special groups of people with inconvenient limb movement during treatment, bed, life, such as wearing conventional pajamas or hospital gown, wearing and taking off are very inconvenient. Many patients, different parts of the body often need long-term implementation of examination, care, infusion, change of clothes need to suspend infusion, will seriously affect the treatment of patients and easy to cause vein pipeline pollution or deviation, but also to the patient’s body warmth and health care and bring great difficulties. Usually, these patients can’t take care of themselves, and the defecation and urination are all completed by nurses or family members. In order to keep the patients clean and healthy, they have to change their clothes frequently, and many nursing staff often need to move the patients with great efforts, which is very inconvenient.

This product is a piece of easy to take off, easy to wear nursing clothes, easy to wear, easy to take off, easy to change, comfortable to wear, to long-term bedredden patients, fracture patients, patients after surgery is not convenient to wear clothes or limbs movement is not convenient for the special crowd;It also brings convenience to the medical staff in the examination, nursing and treatment of patients.The daily change of clothes for the elderly or patients with mobility problems brings convenience.This product embodies the patient-centered principle of humanized care, reducing the pain of patients, but also changed the traditional bedrid patients naked, to maintain the dignity of patients.

We are specialized in the production of this kind of clothing, quantity, price concessions!

Name: Easy to wear and easy to take off care clothes


Size: M L XL XXL


Fabric: Cotton / polyester fiber



Blue wave point


Product number: JRK-701
tight-fitting Medium Baggy
Thin Medium Thick
unelastic Medium Not elastic
Soft Medium Not soft
Size chest
waistline Pants
advice for reference
M 110 70 70 70 100 158-168CM 45-65KG
L 114 72 72 74 104 168-175CM 50 -75 KG
XL 118 74 75 76 104 172-180CM 65-80KG
XXL 126 76 76 80 106 176-185CM 75-90KG

Product introduction

We have specialized workshops in China and have been engaged in the production of this kind of clothes for many years. We have advantages in both price and quantity


COTTON, Polyester



Model Number


Item Type

Patient Gowns



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