Baseus Mini Car Window Glass Breaker Seat Belt Cutter Safety Hammer Life-Saving Escape Hammer Cutting Knife Interior Accessories


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2-in-1 Safety Hammer + Seat Belt Cutter

Emergency Break Hammer is a Must for your car!

This life saving gadget has the power to get you out of trouble when you need it most.

Also has the built in safety cutter to slice the seat belt away to set you free from the danger.

It has the metal Car Break Hammer to shatter the window of your car in an emergency situation.

Its base design, so the above product is a solid fixed with, even if the car bumps will not fall, and when required, can be very easily removed.

Suitable for private car, cars, trains, buses, trucks, ships and other modes of transport!

Rapid escape by breaking the window in one second

Your life-saving hammer in case of a danger

Solid and universal tungsten steel head

Gun-type spring breaks window with skills

Break even under the pressure of water

Emergency escape without obstruction

Safe without hurting hands

Mini and simple portable with you

Metal and dull polished

Fixed in the car

Brand Name



Seat Back Bag, Car Safety Hammer

Material Type

Aluminum Alloy


Sharp Tool Safety Hammer


Instantly break a window in 1s



Item Weight



Impact force of 6Kg


Dark gray/Red/Silver