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Reflective shoelace.Youth Night Running Sports Leisure Shoelaces

Material:polyester silk
Plastic head length:1.8 cm
Shoelace width:0.8CM
Specification: Length: 1.2m Width: 0.8cm. PS: 1.2m Shoelaces Fit for 5-7 Rows of Holes.
Color:Blue, black, light gray, white, bright orange, dark orange, purple, fluorescent green, pink


Reflective shoelaces mainly rely on reflective materials to emit light. When a light source higher than ambient light shines on the reflective materials, the reflective materials will reflect strong light. like the work clothes worn by traffic police and sanitation workers,Reflective light is obvious at night. For example, when a flash is used to take a picture, the flash is a strong light source higher than ambient light, so what you see is naturally very bright. The reflective tape emits light regardless of day or night. If it meets the lighting conditions, it will reflect strong light.

because of this reflective feature, reflective shoelaces can effectively attract eyeballs and bring different feelings to your loved shoes. In addition, when traveling at night or working in darker places, they can effectively serve as a reminder and protection function.

Reflective shoelaces mainly rely on reflective materials to emit light. Reflective shoelaces are relatively common Shoelaces are hard When the shoe hole is small, don’t pull and wear it hard. Try to roll the shoelace into a U-shape to protect the reflective material from being scratched by the shoe hole. Reflective tape is not recommended for shoe holes that are too small.

In addition: there will be small color difference, and the color difference of personal display will appear to be different in different degrees.

The principle of reflective shoelace is that the middle gray-black layer contains high refractive index glass microbeads, which reflect the incident light back to the light source according to the original path to form a retro-reflective phenomenon. Because it focuses almost all the light back at a very small angle, its brightness is much higher than that of ordinary objects. The quality of shoelace reflection depends on the quality of glass beads on the surface. The better the bead quality, the smoother the surface and the better the reflection.Therefore, when tying shoelaces, you may feel that the material is too hard and slippery, which makes it difficult to tie them firmly. However, you can tie your shoelaces easily if you soften them a few times..

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