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#D40 10pc Disposable Face Mask For Children Kids Dog Print Mouth Masks 3 Layers Mouth Caps Mascarillas Mondmasker Masque



Children’s Cartoons Mask Disposable Face Mask Industrial 3Ply Ear Loop 10PCS


  • Blue
    smoke rose color, take to make your skin white and beautiful, let your
    skin color more bright, must conform to your aesthetic.

  • Made of
    environmentally friendly materials, moisture-proof, non-toxic,
    non-irritating, soft and comfortable.
  • Breathable
    materials and cute patterns make it practical and stylish.
  • Special
    three-layer non-woven design can prevent dust, car exhaust, pollen and other
  • Perfect
    design, when you wear it, it can fit your face perfectly. Elastic earrings
    are easy to wear without putting pressure on the ears.
  • Ideal for
    nail salons or other areas that may need protection, such as hospitals,
    airplanes, etc.


  • 10 x masks

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