DARSONVAL Portable Electrode High Frequency Spot Acne Remover Facial Skin Care Massager For Face Beauty Device Spa Salon Home

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  • NEW SPA Home Use High Frequency Device DArsonval is an excellent skin care tool that proved itself as a marvelous device to improve skin condition. It is used for many years in cosmetology practice. Now portable version is available for a home use – simple, with new clear and detailed instructions it would definitely become your favorite skin care device. With the treatment time required only 5-10 minutes per day it can be easily incorporated in our busy everyday life.


  • High Frequency Facial machines are widely used in salons for skin tightening, stimulation and hair loss prevention. For oily and blemished skin – to dry and soften, for sallow skin – to improve color, for sagging skin – to improve the appearance of the skin.


  • The kit includes: High Frequency Wand, 5 Argon Electrodes, Manual. Power supply: 110V, US Plug. Specifications: average output current – less than 200 uA, average output voltage – not exceeding 45kV, power consumption 10-16W, max frequency 120kHz is safe to be used at home. The device does not require a ground wire due to the double insulated shell. Can be used with two prongs outlet.


  • Accessories: Mushroom Electrode, Rod Electrode, Spoon Electrode, Comb Electrode, Leg Electrode