Portable Oxygen Machine Mask – N95 Mask 99% FilteringAnti mask dust mask filter mask surgical mask CE Certification

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CE Certified Oxygen Machine Half Face Mask

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Masks sold by our store brand have a security code for a warranty card. If the product fails, you can use the security code on the warranty card for free lifetime maintenance.

Why do masks have lifetime maintenance?

Maybe most people don’t know our products yet.
We are permanent use smart portable oxygen machine protective mask
High-tech fusion

1. Portable oxygen generator mask

2. N95 filter

3. Air purifier

Our masks are equipped with filters that comply with the FPP3.N95.KN95 standard. They can effectively filter coronavirus, flu bacteria, dust, PM2.5, pollen, exhaust gas and other harmful substances, and then perform secondary purification through the air purification device to obtain the cleanest air.

Portable oxygen generator mask: with independent air circulation system. After opening, a large amount of oxygen enters the circulation system, which solves the difficulty of breathing and air circulation of traditional masks. This is useful for patients with dyspnea and asthma who are running with a mask. People with difficulty breathing are very helpful.

Therefore, our masks are not simple disposable masks. We are environmentally friendly permanent masks. Even after the epidemic is over, there are still many other uses. You can use it permanently to protect yourself and your loved ones, so we also offer a permanent repair service.


5 layers of purification and decomposition, two-way circulation of air in and out, independent intake and exhalation air ducts, forming a scientific and complete breathing microcirculation


Class 5 super-strong composite filter can effectively purify the air and prevent virus pollution, formaldehyde, odor, allergens, harmful gases



Three gears can adjust the air volume, and the large area can smoothly enter the wind, which can meet the needs of various occasions



Quieter and more power efficient. Dedicated motor, reducing power consumption by 58%, ordinary working mode only needs 1.2W, strong battery life, reducing energy consumption and energy saving

After fully charged, the smart air circulation function can be activated for 8 hours. Even if the battery is exhausted, the protection will not be reduced.


Baby food-grade soft silicone, which can be washed directly or sterilised by heating at high temperature, and can be recycled forever


Lightweight body, long-term wear will not make you feel tired


Using ergonomic principles to make your wearing more convenient and fit your face

Recommended head-mounted


It is very easy to change the filter element. Please note the front and back