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Luminous Tattoo Sticker

--Color: 20color
--This luminous sticker shows the color printing effect during the day, and some parts will glow in the dark environment.
-Need to illuminate the light source under the light now. If the night light effect is not obvious, you can use the mobile phone light for about 30 seconds.
--The luminescence time is related to light and temperature, and it will gradually weaken if it is not absorbed for a long time.
How To Use:
--Cleans the skin, ensuring no oil and no water And remove the transparent film on the surface of the tattoo. Stick the patterned side to the skin and thoroughly wet the sticker with water.
--Press and tap for about 20 seconds until the paper slides down and remove the bottom paper.
--Paste successfully, do not touch before drying out, do not touch water within 2 hours, the pattern is more durable.
Removal method:
--Put the cleansing oil, nail polish, baby oil or medical alcohol on the cotton pad,
--First cover it on the tattoo for 10 seconds, then wipe it back and forth.
--After the pattern is completely detached,
--Wipe it with a paper towel.
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