Original HQ Small size Hearing Aid XINGMA XM-907 for the Elderly

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1. 4 VOLUME LEVELS: You can choose a suitable level, multi-levels meeting different needs for enhancing sounds desires.

2.MINI SIZE: it is so small that it can hide right behind your ears and it is convenient to carry wherever you want to go.

3.1.5V MINI BATTERY: Low consumption working on a 1.5v mini battery up to 40 hours, 1 batteries available in package.

4.GOOD GIFT: it is a ideal helper whose volume up to 40 db with auto noise reduction, super sensitivity and condenser microphone.

5.WARNING:It is important to increase the volume control very gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.



1. 4 volume levels, amplifying sounds up to 40 decibels, a good choice for you.

2.Portable for travel, outdoors and some situations require amplification of sounds.

3.1.5v mini battery, low consumption and durable.

4.Provide best help for you with auto noise reduction, super sensitivity and condenser micro.

5.Gradually adjust it to a suitable level, preventing from injuring hearing.



Battery: 1.5V mini battery

Using Time: 40 Hours

Weight: 70g

Type: Sound Amplifier

Material: Plastic

Volume: Up to 40 db


Package Includes:

1 x Hearing Aid

1 x Manual

1 x Batteries

1 x Small Ear Cap

1 x Medium Ear Cap

1 x Large Ear Cap


About Battery:

Because the post office has restrictions on transport security, only one battery can be sent ( install at device ). hope your understanding, if you have any needs can contact us before order.

(Above 20pcs wholesale order, if need 3pcs batteries, can contact us use Express Shipping.)

О батарее:

Поскольку почтовое отделение имеет ограничения на транспортную безопасность, можно отправить только одну батарею (установить на устройство). надеюсь, ваше понимание, если у вас есть какие-либо потребности, свяжитесь с нами перед заказом.

(Над 20pcs оптовый заказ, если нужны батареи 3pcs, смогите связаться мы используйте курьерскую перевозку груза.)

How to use:

* Before using switch the volume to the minimum position.

* Put the ear hook on your ear, plug in the ear plug tightly.

* Turn on the power and adjust the sound volume to get clear sound.

* If you hear the whistling sound, please check whether you have plugged in the ear plug tightly. If it can’t be plugged tightly, please change the other size plug.

* Remove the battery if you don’t use it for long time.