Home Folding Squatting Stool Bathroom Squat Toilet Stool Compact Squatty Potty Stool Portable Step Seat for Home Bathroom Toilet

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Product description:
Normal seating position will choked your colon and make the release more difficult. When using our Squatting toilet stool, the colon is released by changing the angle from 90 degrees to 35 degrees.
It allows you an easier and more effective elimination, and relieve you from constipation, hemorrhoids, bladder, IBS & Bowel disease etc.
Our unique design includes anti-slip feet, which not only can prevent slips during use, but can also give you a foot massage.
We also add anti-slip strips on the bottom of the squatting toilet stool, for a safer and more stable usage.
When you need it, just pull it out and install your feet simply on the bathroom step stool and keep a healthy position.
When not in use, it can be FOLDED UP for portable use and space saving.