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in Stock Personal Care Anti Dust pm 2.5 Face Mask Knit Reusable Motlun N95 Mask Mouth

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in Stock Personal Care Anti Dust pm 2.5 Face Mask Knit Reusable Motlun N95 Mask Mouth

Please be noted that there are only 2 colors available now, grey and red, will ship for you randomly if no remarks.

Product information:
Product weight: 90 g

mask size: height 10 cm * width 10.4 cm
Material: mask: food grade silica gel
Breathing valve: ABS resin
Non-woven filter: 3 layer
Nose clip: aluminum alloy
Buckle: diving material

Contains: Mask * 1 + breathing valve * 1 + ear strap * 1 + filter * 13 tablets

Storage methods: in a clean, dry and ventilated to avoid light, no smell of environment preservation
Helpful hints: due to shoot the light, the product actual color and display colors have slight differences, please in kind prevail.


1, with full skirt design, compared with the M 2 fit and better sealing, but also more comfortable.

2, the first time designed a breathing separation technology, to reduce respiratory resistance by avoiding the convection of respiratory gases, improve respiratory smoothness.

3, at the same time on the breathing sheet has been upgraded, light blowing that is open, an instant rebound.

4, changes in the appearance of the breathing valve to bring you a natural and novel.

Scope: Suitable for non-oily particles of respiratory protection, dust, pollen, industrial dust, cement dust, haze, PM2.5, microorganisms.

Uses: men and women riding, outdoor jogging, sports, laboratories, construction, medical, industrial sites, labor operations, grinding and other industries and various types of industries.

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