Karadar G820STR Radar Detectors Led 2 in 1 Radar Detector for Russia with GPS Car Anti Radars Police Speed Auto X CT K La


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KARADAR New GPS Car anti radar detector GPS information and K X Laser CT 2 in 1 detect Russian G820STR

If you come from the United States, Britain, France, Poland, Spain, please do not buy, this product has no English, only Russian. You cannot use it in your country.


1. X,K,Ultral-X,Ultra-K-band,Strelka and Laser detection

2. Ublox 8 high sensitive GPS and GLONASS Receiver

3. VG-2 invisible

4. False alerts protection

5. Smooth Volume Control

6. 2.4 inch LED Display,DIM mode


8. Display brightness levels

9. Mute mode

10. Preloaded GPS data base


The G-860STR Radar/Laser Detector

12V Power Charger

Windshield Mounting set

Operation Manual

USB Cable


Frequency operation:

X-Band (10525GHz +/-50MHz)

K-Band (24.150GHz +/-100MHz)

Laser Band (800nm~1100nm)

Strelka detection (24.125GHz)



1.Can not detect radar ?

a. please check the mode , there is 4 mode , city 1,city2, Auto and Highway mode.
For the city 1,city2 , there is some bands be closed . auto mode . when your speed is more than 40km/h , it will alarm . for the high way mode, it will alarm all kinds camera .

b. some radar is not work . so , the anti radar is not work .

c. not 100% radar could alarm .our anti radar could work with 90% cameras . strength of the radar signal, the distance of the alarm is not fixed . so , please not stop there waiting the anti radar alarm . you can driving and cross the camera .
d. please check , if you use the USB port charge it (the radar board is not working if you charge by USB port ).

2 how many km it can detect ?

a. For the fixed camera , it will alarm you about 600m .
For the mobile camera , it alarm from 10–800m . because the mobile camera signal strength is different, and the test position is not the same.

3.Can not get GPS signal ?
a. The first time , it will need 3mins to get GPS sigal .
b. Explosion-proof membrane on your car glass,you can take it out of your car ,and test it . please do not choose this product if your car have membrance.
c. In building , it will not get signal .

4. How offen update the GPS base?
a . we also update the data 4 month . you can contact us or visit our website .

5. How many days I can get it?
a. after you payment , we will send out in 48hours . general , you should get it in 30 days . if you can not get it in 30 days , please open the dispute .

6. What can we do if met problems ?
a. please contact with us . if you have video , you can send from whatsapp ,we will do our best to solve your problems .
if the products with problems , we will change a new one or full return , we will bear the shipping cost for send back .
if you choose dispute , please waiting aliexpress result.

Brand Name



Fixed & Flow Velocity

Alarm Distance


OSD Language

Russian, Russia

Detection Mode

Radar Signal And Gps Infromation Detection

Special Features

Speed Limit Reminder





Model number


GPS Data Base

Russia/Kazakhstan/Ukraine..CIS Countries



Detect Bands

K X laser CT

Drive mode



Sweet Human Voice

Feature 1


Feature 2

Radar Detector

Feature 3

Russian anti radar

Feature 4


Feature 5


Feature 6

anti radar

Feature 7

GPS Radar

Feature 8

car detector