KORSEED 3.6A Quick USB Charger Bluetooth Car Kit FM Transmitter modulator Audio Music Mp3 Player Phone Wireless Handsfree Carkit


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If you have any questions about the operation of the machine, please contact us by email, because each product is operated differently, we will solve it for you, thank you

User Tips:

If you want to use Bluetooth hands-free calling or listening to music, you need to turn the car radio frequency to same as MP3 bluetooth

1.It is a normal phenomenon that FM product will have some noise because of the interference of the local radio signal.Find a vacant or non-interfered frequency and sync KORSEED device to that frequency for minimized static noise.

2.To achieve best audio quality,please set the volume on your phone or the device to maximum and then adjust the volume for your car stereo;you are not suggested to adjust volume of your car speaker to maximum (this will bring lot nois
3.Suggest that RAM less than 32GB. larger than 32GB which may cause the abnormal reading
4.Our products support the use of 12-24V normal battery in the car/truck,we recommend that you do not use the product in car/truck that modified the battery.This may cause burned because of instantaneous high current
5.To protect this device,we recommend to remove it from cigarette outlet after use,to avoid instant high start voltage damage the device.

6.If you want to charge the phone and listen to the car radio at the same time, please note that your radio frequency and our device’s frequency do not get too close.

usage instructions
1,insert to cigarette socket lnsert the,car bluetooth mp3 to car cigarette socket,then screen flicker
2,phone bluetooth pair enter phone setting-bluetooth connect to BT28,voice prompt if connection successful
3,car fm turn car radio frequency to same as mp3 bluetooth
4,phone play music turn on the phone musicplayer,you can play music vis car speaker

The keyboard

1,short press button to pause /play
2,whe you have a incoming call,short press to answer incoming call (long press to hand up incoming call);on calling or dialing stage,short press to hand up;short and quick press twice to recall the number which call in /out at last time.

3Frequency and juse ment:long press the key 3-5seconds,when the screen flsshing,at this time,short press next track , /previous piece, change transmitting frequency
4,volume Adjustment:ong press key 3-5seconds ,when the screen flashing,at this time,long press next track/previouspiece change the volume

Brand Name


Material Type


Item Type

Bluetooth Car Kit

Item Weight


Special Features

FM Transmitter

Item Size

3.5*3.5*8cm / 1.4*3" (L*W*H)

Model Name


Files Supported


Input voltage

DC 12-24V

U Disk Capacity Supported

Class 10, Max up to 32G

Function 1

Dual USB Car Charger

USB output

5V/3.6A max

FM frequency


Function 2

Car bluetooth Handsfree Kit

Function 3

Car FM Transmitter

Function 4

Car Mp3 Player

Function 5

Voltage Detection