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Led Grow Light Phytolamp for Plant Lamp Full Spectrum Grow Tent Lights Lamp Grow Lamp Indoor Lighting Hydroponic Growth LightE27



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Product Specifications:

Item: Plant growth lamp

LED Chips: 2835 SMD

LED Quantity:48Leds/60Leds

Input Voltage: AC 220V

Lifespan: 50000hours

Base Type: E27/E14/B22/GU10/MR16

Featured 2835 LED chips

Promote plant growth, increase germination rate and survival rate

1.Promote growth 2.Uniform light color 3.Plant coloring

Product specifications

Plant growth process

1.Before growth 2.Growing 3.After growth

Can choose different lamp holders:

Scientific heat dissipation hole

① Ordinary plant light (Ordinary bulbs have no vent holes, they are easy to burn, and there are hidden dangers to safety!)

② LED plant light cup (Use scientific vents for efficient heat dissipation)

① LED plant light cup (Wide irradiation angle, few dark areas, wide application range)

② Ordinary plant light (Single-sided light emission, small illumination angle)

Plant growth light use effect

① LED plant light cup ② Ordinary plant light

Scene application