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NAFY Disposable 3D Medical Mask


Ziloqa’s Original Nafy Mask

  • Skin-friendly and soft to the face.
  • Blocks bacteria and viruses for inhalation
  • Blocks droplets, body fluids, etc.
  • Blocks virus, dust, PM2.5 and other particulate matter


1. Made of environmental friendly material, moisture-proof, non-toxic, non-irritating, soft and comfortable.
2. Breathable material and cute patterns, which makes it useful and fashionable.
3. Special 3 ply non-woven design, provides protections against dust, automobile exhaust, pollen, etc.
4. Perfect design, when you wear it , it fits seamlessly into your face. Elastic ear loop is easy to wear and no pressure to the ears.
5. Perfect for nail salon or any other areas where protection might be required, such as hospital, airplane, etc.

Brand: NAFY
Product Name: Disposable Medical Mask
Style: Adult Edition
Colour: White
Material: Three layer of non-woven fabric, two layer of BFE>99%
Filter paper, soft and comfortable elastic cloth ear belt

Specifications: 18cm*13.5cm-3P
Applicable object: Adults or > 5years old child

Functions: Three layers of anti bacteria, anti-virus, anti-dust, anti-foam, anti-smog, etc

Technical data:
Breathability: Filtration efficiency: BEF>=99%
Fluid resistance: 80mmHg

Packing list :

10 Original Pieces Nafy masks per pack



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