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Pressure Washer Metal Wand Tips Water Spray Lance Spear Quick Jet Tips Rotating Turbo Nozzle for Karcher K High Presure Washer


Metal Lance with 5 Quick Nozzles/ Rotating Nozzle/ Pivoting Connector for Karcher K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 High Pressure Washers

Disclaimer: We are not Karcher brand or affiliated with them. We did not sell these Pressure Washers, but do offer some compatible parts for them.

The Metal Lance with 5 Quick Nozzle Tips and Rotating Nozzle perfectly works with Karcher electric pressure washer, which will make powerful jet-force and bring you the professional feeling.

The Pivoting Connector (Optional) can adjust the spraying direction, which is ideal for cleaning the underside of car, motor vehicles, and more hard-to-reach areas.

Package Contents:

A. Karcher Metal Lance with 5 Quick Nozzles, Rotating Nozzle and Pivoting Connector

B. Karcher Metal Lance with 5 Quick Nozzles and Rotating Nozzle

C. Karcher Metal Lance with 5 Quick Nozzles and Pivoting Connector

D. Karcher Metal Lance with 5 Quick Nozzles

E. Karcher Metal Lance with Rotating Nozzle and Quick Nozzle 25 o

Max Pressure: 180bar/ 2600PSI

Metal Lance Length: 50cm

Spray Patterns: 0o, 15o, 25o, 40o, soap, rotating (optional)

Nozzle #035

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