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Professional Eyebrow Mapping Thread for Perfectly Shaped Brow Eyebrow Marker Ruler Featuring Bubble Leveler Eyebrow Mapping Tool

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Product Features:

Made from quality tested, certified materials.
The mapping tools is non-irritating for all skin types.
Designed to be comfortable to hold with a strong tension on the string. Easy to use.
Our eyebrow bow mapper tool provides precise, straight lines for curved, straight, feathered or thin eyebrows.
New Design Featuring Bubble Leveler, provides p m u artists with the ultimate in balance and straight lines.
The bow design will mark out symmetrical brows on any shape with ease.
Black/Silver eyebrow mapping kit are perfect for using on all face shapes-round, square, oval or heart-shaped.
Popular gift idea for beauty professionals and beauty enthusiasts

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Eyebrow Stencils

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Eyebrow Mapper Tool with Bubble Leveler

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