Replacement Micro SD Card Adapter TF Card Reader for NGC SD2SP2 SDLoad SDL Adapter Professional

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Professional Micro SD Card Adapter TF Card Reader for NGC SD2SP2 SDLoad SDL Adapter


Compact design, well reliability and perfect performance

This adapter plugs into the Serial Port 2 expansion port available on some console

SD2SP2 is supported by the latest Extrems’ Enhanced mGBA, GBI, and emukidid’s swiss-gc.

Updated Contents:

This PCB allows a Micro SD card to be inserted into the serial port2 of the gamecube. Serial port2 is on the bottom of your gamecube, so you don’t have to have a large ugly SDGecko (or a clone) hanging out the front of your gamecube, taking up a save-cartridge port.

You can now boot up your NGC games or personal backups from the second serial port via micro SD card for lag-free full motion video and improved read-access to the serial port adapter.

Recent improvements to the SWISS code have allowed the available CPU time on the gamecube console to be better utilized as read-time for the serial ports on the gamecube, this means games load a bit faster and FMV is not jittery and painful to watch.


1x SD2SP2 Card Reader


Before purchasing please ensure your NGC has a Serial Port 2 port and that you are able to launch the latest software above.

Please pay attention to the orientation of the board when using, Inside or Outside

Professional installation is highly recommended.