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Reusable Antiviral Face Shield Isolated Mask Plastic Anti-fog Seal Mouth Hood Protective Mask

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100% brand new product

Material: plastic

Size: all size

Colour: green, blue, purple, black (Random)

Packaging material: carton

Use scene: office, warehouse, home, high-speed rail, airplane, etc.


Wearing masks for a long time will cause suffocation and hypoxia, and ears will have obvious scratch marks. Especially when wearing a mask when working in the office, it will become a burden, especially for those who wear glasses. It is more painful and they must constantly wipe the mist of glasses . This product perfectly solves the above problems. It is easy to wear, perfectly shields external droplets, breathes smoothly, and does not have a dull feeling for a long time. Even if you wear glasses, you can use this product at the same time, and the glasses will not generate mist. Or when the aircraft is in a tight space, you can wear the product outside the mask to add a layer of safety protection. The modern feel of the product makes protection a fashion!

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