trianglelab GATES-LL-2GT 2GT belt synchronous belt GT2 Timing belt Width 6MM 9MM wear resistant for Ender3 cr10 Anet 3D Printer


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GATES-LL-2GT 3D printer gear synchronous belt GT2 Width 6MM 9MM High quality, wear resistant for diy Kossel RepRap 3D Printer


Brand Name : GATES(UNITTA)

Model Number : GT2(2GT)

Width : 6mm/9mm

Color : Black

Material : Rubber

Quality : Extremely High

Website: (Japanese)

SET1 2M-6MM-2GT(Width:6MM Length:2M)

SET2 4M-6MM-2GT(Width:6MM Length:4M)

SET3 6M-6MM-2GT(Width:6MM Length:6M)

SET4 8M-6MM-2GT(Width:6MM Length:8M)

SET5 10M-6MM-2GT(Width:6MM Length:10M)

SET6 12M-6MM-2GT(Width:6MM Length:12M)

SET7 2M-9MM-2GT(Width:9MM Length:2M)

SET8 4M-9MM-2GT(Width:9MM Length:4M)

SET9 6M-9MM-2GT(Width:9MM Length:6M)

SET10 8M-9MM-2GT(Width:9MM Length:8M)

SET11 10M-9MM-2GT(Width:9MM Length:10M)

SET12 12M-9MM-2GT(Width:9MM Length:12M)

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