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Ultra-Thin Moisturizing Disposable Compression Facial Mask Cotton Facial Sheet Face Skin Care Wrapped Masks Paper 15/20/30pc/Bag




Product Description:
Quality beauty apply masks, also known as high-quality cotton non-woven disposable mask. Use 100% pure natural plant Physical raw materials, no chemical ingredients, white and soft, not to hurt the skin, apply makeup/remover, face clean, single-use, free of debris, clean decontamination, cleaning Net sterile. With lotion, milk and honey, mixing evenly continued regular use, it can reach moisturizing cosmetic whitening effect.
Size: 21cm*23cm
Quantity: 30 pieces/bag
Material: high-quality cotton, mesh-like non-woven fabric like plain
Product Features:
1, a natural material 100% cotton pulp quality, pasteurized sterile.
2, non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin, non-allergenic.
3, soft texture, and skin friction does not hurt the skin.
4, can not afford to scrap prevent traditional cotton crumbs, skin wound infection.
5, with breathability, moisture absorption and decontamination and strong features.
Note: The color will be sent out at random, please understand that.
How to use:
1. Place the mask paper immersed in beauty fluid (such as honey, milk, various Toner, plant sap)
2. mask soaked after expansion
3. Take soaked mask, the mask deposited on the surface of exhibition days
4. deposited on the surface of 15 minutes to 30 minutes, or until the mask semi then rinse with water.





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