Vdiagtool Endoscope Camera 5.5mm 7mm 8mm IP67 Waterproof 6 LED Borescope Car Inspection Camera For Android Loptop


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Endoscope for Android and PC

-It’s powerful and smart-

Pls note:It only works with phones of Android system,does not support IOS system;and your phone must support OTG function,and must support to connect with the external camera(UVC).

The Android endoscope is a new type of electronic product. The advantages of this product are: small size, light weight, the front camera housing diameter is 5.5mm/7.0mm, a control box is installed in the middle part (adjust the light and camera button. Note: The camera button can be used only when the computer is used. The phone can be used by Software to take pictures), you can adjust the brightness of six LED lights, capture images and take photos directly in the Android phone, you can record, record the entire process of inspection, to facilitate subsequent observation and analysis.

How to connect it with your android phone

1.Scan the QR code and use your phone browser to download it or from App store to search “Camerafi”

2.Once plugged in the Camerafi,the softwar shall be prompted automatically.

How to connect it with your pc system

1.Scan the QR get the soft or the link,then copy it in your PC browser to download it.For some system due to some reason,we suggest you search”amcap.exe”from internet.

2.Open the files,click the “ViewPlayCap”to install it.

3.Connect the USB endoscope by pc usb2.0 interface,then open the ViewPlayCap.choose the soft”Device”.click the endoscope Drive.

Reasons to get the endoscope:

1. 6 LED lights for adjust.

2. waterproof level IP67

3. HD coms camera

4.Resolution: 5.5/7.0mm lens is 640*480, 8mm is 1280*720

5.Android interface, distribution USB interface adapter cable

6. Frame number: 30 frames per second

7. Effective focal length: 3-10cm

8.Support Android and windows XP/7/8/9/10

Model Number

Endoscope Camera

Endoscope Camera Feature1

Endoscope for Android Phone for PC

Endoscope Camera Feature2

IP67 Waterproof

Endoscope Camera Feature3

6 LED Light

Endoscope Camera Feature4

Car Inspection Camera

Endoscope Camera Feature5

Car Diagnostic Tool

Endoscope Camera Feature6

Car Repair Tool

Endoscope Camera Feature7


Endoscope Camera Feature8

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