Wrought Iron Dresser Modern Concise Small Apartment Layout Mini- Roast Paint Makeup Table Simple And Easy Dresser Assemble


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Baby color: Yes.

Baby material: Iron

Manufacturing process: blanking & rarr; forming & rarr; manual dressing & rarr; sub-arc Welding & rarr; polishing & rarr; sandblasting & Rust Removal & rarr; rust-proof Primer & rarr; electrophoresis & rarr; electrostatic spraying powder (coloring) & rarr; 180 degree high temperature baking (effect paint) & rarr; three-dimensional testing & rarr; packaging & rarr; delivery

Baby Anti-rust: Anti-rust Process Sandblasting Rust Removal Primer Electrophoresis Electrostatic Spraying 180 degrees High Temperature Baking (Effect Paint)

Maintenance instructions: Use cloth block with neutral detergent to scrub thoroughly and clean cloth block to scrub.

Home Maintenance

1. Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight or water or humid environment, so as to avoid fading products;

2. Do not place supercooled or overheated items directly on the surface of furniture in peacetime, which will destroy the protective paint and wax on the surface. Do not place sharp or rough objects directly on the surface of furniture, let alone use organic solvents directly on the desktop.

3. Clean furniture, please choose soft cotton cloth or soft brush to wipe gently, and then dry with clean dry cloth. Remember to wipe the surface of furniture with hard objects to avoid scratching and furring.

4. Glass or mirror parts can be cleaned with glass cleaner.

5. Furniture with cloth material, such as cloth sofa and recreational cushion, can use cleaning and maintenance agent of clean carpet.

6. Remove stains in case of death. Use toothpaste or 30% cleaning diluent to test. Avoid direct contact with furniture surface with acid and alkali solutions.

7. Inside cabinet furniture, camphor balls or tea should be put for a long time to prevent moths.

8. When furniture needs to be moved, it must be lifted off the ground, not towed on the ground.

On delivery

Home has a certain production cycle and different kinds of goods will vary greatly. If there is a shortage of goods, we will contact you in time. Due to the particularity of home production, the delivery time of products is 2-7 days, and the weather in remote areas will be delayed. Customer service will also inform you here. Thank you.

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After-sale service

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